Compare: Boca Shield vs. Competition

Compare: Boca Shield vs. Competition

How does Boca Shield stack up the competition?

Product 1

Product 1 - Three piece cover. Its a hassle to get the different parts on and off. The sides are not protected at all and the thin material leaves your gun more vulnerable to dents.

Product 2

Product 2 - Super thin clothe cover. It doesn't fit snug and it slides around in your hands. The material is very thin and can be torn easily in briars and brush.

Product 3

Product 3 - Camo tape. Tape leaves sticky stuff all over your gun and doesn't give it any protection.

Product 4 - Camo dipping. Once you camo dip your gun there is no going back. Its expensive and puts you in the same place as before because it can get scratched off in the field or fade over time.

Our covers are not as model specific as Old Kane gun chaps. They have great coverage and the Neoprene stretches easily to fit more models.

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